Magnetizing Wand


We have found this to be a useful tool for attaching our strong magnets to pans.  It allows you to pick up a magnet and stick it to the glue bead without getting your fingers  in the glue.  Just give it a little twist as you pull it away from the glued magnet.  Then use the eraser end to adjust the position of the magnet while the glue is still wet.  For a complete set of instructions for how to magnetize your pans, please see this article.


This magnetizing wand is simply part of a pencil with a weak magnet on one end and an eraser cap on the other.  They are fun and easy to make yourself - just make sure the magnet at the end is weak enough that it will detach with a simple twist once you have applied your magnet to the glue bead on the back of your pan.


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